EMA: Kampaň k mezinárodnímu dni porodních asistentek

Dear Colleagues,

I am working with the WHO Europe in collecting material to celebrate the International Day of the Midwife (5 May 2018). The Regional Office is planning a one week long campaign to highlight midwifery and nursing practices across the European Region.

For this purpose we are looking for short stories and pictures how the roles of midwives develop and change to meet population needs. The story should be maximum 200 words and can cover midwives and nurses working with:

·       Populations across the life course (e.g. maternal and child health,  addiction, palliative care)

·       Migrants and refugees

·       Homeless individuals

·       Underserved communities in rural and remote areas (e.g. using telemedicine)

·       If you wish to submit a story on a different theme, please contact me beforehand.

·       Stories due 16th April or earlier if pos.

 The guidelines for pictures are:
1)      The photos should be larger than 3mb in jpg format for them to be clearly visible on our website

2)      If you take an action photo please make it look as natural as possible and avoid people looking directly into the camera

3)      Close ups are better than photos taken from a distance

4)      Consent forms must be signed for each person in the photo (see attached forms in English)

5)      Photos due 16th April or earlier if pos.

 The structure of the stories is fairly fluid but should be clear on the role of midwife in addressing delivery of care, collaborations, interventions, innovations etc. This will help to share midwives achievements across the WHOEurope region. Of course include a contact detail so anyone who would like more information is able to do so.

Some of these maybe used in the High-level meeting celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Tallinn Charter in June 2018.

Send them to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

Many Thanks in advance,

Mervi Jokinen