ICM: Mezinárodní den žen

ICM wishes you a Happy International Women's Day (IWD)!28516615 1914973921907692 7357706153430493627 o

Read the attached editorial article in which ICM President, Franka Cadée, reflects on the lessons learned from her recent meetings with midwives from over 25 countries and their vital relationship with women, newborns and their families. Also in our news section on the website: https://internationalmidwives.org/news/?nid=466

On that special day, we encourage you to spread the message of #MidwivesForWomen around the world and to publish ICM President’s statement on your social media and share your posts with ICM! Help us also to amplify our social media posts promoting it on facebook.com/internationalconfederationofmidwives or on the @World_midwives Twitter.